Sharpen Your Knowledge

Data Science and Machine Learning BootCamp

A program designed by senior data scientists to help fellows succeed in the program, and be industry ready

Fellows who complete the program and courses will earn a Bootcamp certificate.

Certificate of completion

12 weeks, 20 topics

Sharpen your ML knowledge and skills with elaborate, practical course material and code reviews.

Free access for all

Fellows will have free access to the complete material designed by our senior data scientists.

Learn practical skills, build real-world portfolio projects, and earn a certification.



Intro to Python & Agile
 Numpy & Pandas
EDA and Data Visualization
Fundamentals of Probability & Statistical Analysis



Introduction to Machine Learning
 Introduction to SQL
 Data Cleaning & Feature Engineering
Intermediate Machine Learning



Introduction to Pytorch, fastAI and Neural Nets
Putting Models into Production
Computer Vision
Natural Language Processing
Time Series Analysis
Recommender Systems



Autoencoders and GANs
Self-supervised learning
Language generators
Multi-Armed Bandits, Reinforcement Learning and Black Box Optimization

Certificate of Accomplishment

Our industry professionals will mentor you throughout the whole program. Our goal is to guide and prepare you for a successful data science career. Hone your Machine Learning skills, get a certificate, and link it to your Resume.

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Master industry-standard tools, frameworks and libraries used in thousands of companies around the world.